The Tantrik Universe

Introduction to Tantrik Philosophy


Hurst Hill Methodist Church, Hurst Road,  Hurst Hill, Sedgley,  WV14 9EU

Over a thousand years ago, Tantrik yogis were explorers of Consciousness. Tantrik philosophy and practices revere consciousness as That which gives light to all our experiences. It is intimately close and an intrinsic part of who we are and yet, like the sun shrouded behind clouds, we don’t see it and we don’t realize its presence. The Tantrik practices were an invitation to experience That which lights up our lives and is present in the here and now: Supreme Consciousness; the sacred ground of all reality.

The Tantras are among the most profound spiritual texts of humankind. This workshop is an opportunity for us to meet and contemplate the profound metaphysical and philosophical View of the ancient Tantras.

This introductory workshop is intended as an overview of the central themes of Non-Dual Saiva Tantra and its View of the Nature Reality. We will have opportunity to contemplate and discuss the profound implications of orienting ourselves to the Tantrik Universe. There is much to explore, literally a whole universe, so the workshop will also include discussion, contemplation and meditations.

Tantrik teachings and the View of Reality they present will deepen your yoga practice, give purpose to your meditation, and heighten your appreciation of the exquisite Nature of our existence. In short, it’s a celebration of Yourself!

This workshop will be the first in a series that present the main teachings of this important tradition.

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