Yoga for beginners 6 week course

This course is now closed. Check back for dates of next course

Next course will be at:

Hurst Hill Methodist Church, Hurst Road, Hurst Hill Sedgley, WV14 9EU

My beginner yoga course is designed to lead you through the foundational aspects of Yoga.

During the 6 weekly sessions, the aim is for you to steadily improve your:

  • Stamina and strength to hold a posture
  • Flexibility and openness in your upper and lower body
  • Ability to perform a wide variety of postures

In this course you will learn:

  • How to align your body safely and effectively
  • A wide variety of postures
  • How to link your poses with your breath in a flowing yoga sequence

This course is for everyone, beginners as well as those returning to yoga after a long break. You will learn key poses and simple breathing techniques each week to cultivate flexibility and strength, reduce stress, sleep better, increase energy and feel more vitality in your life over time.

Already doing yoga? This course is great for those who want to learn more about alignment to deepen and further their practice.

The course draws on a deep understanding of how your body works (bio-mechanics), and yoga’s beneficial effects on your life. You will learn in an exploratory, playful, and intelligent way and this course will give you the confidence to join my other classes.

Check back often for news of the next course dates.

For all enquiries and bookings telephone Gary on 07944 864948 or email