One-to-One, One-to-Two, and Small Groups

Private yoga instruction is suitable for everyone and is a great way to begin, return to, or advance your yoga practice.

If you’re new to yoga, One-to-One sessions allow you to go at your own pace as you learn how to adapt common poses to your needs and level of ability. If you’ve always wanted to start a yoga practice but have been too shy or intimidated to join a large class, private lessons can get you started.

If you are a more advanced practitioner, one-to-one personal instruction can help you explore more challenging postures, focus on key areas of development and take your practice to a higher level.

Private Yoga Therapy sessions can be especially helpful for those with a specific therapeutic need, such as injuries and other health issues. (See Yoga Therapy)

One-to-One yoga sessions are great if you:

  • don’t feel ready to take public yoga classes for whatever reason
  • haven’t done any physical exercise for a while and want to ease in gently
  • feel you are stiff, uncoordinated or lack much body awareness
  • want to learn the basics first before joining a public class
  • haven’t done yoga for a long time and want to reintroduce your practice
  • need a personalized and tailored programme
  • are an experienced student who wants a refresher on alignment, breathing techniques, or help with a specific postures or developing your own practice in general
  • have an injury and want therapeutic or gentle yoga (See Yoga Therapy)
  • have been recommended to do yoga by your doctor
  • prefer the privacy and comfort of a small, private studio or your own home

One-to-One yoga is designed around you and what you want to get out of your practice. Together we will create a programme tailored to your level of experience and ability, allowing you to progress safely at your own pace.

For all enquiries and bookings telephone Gary on 07944 864948 or email

Yoga Therapy

Private therapeutic yoga sessions are an ideal way to address different physical ailments. Healing occurs by guiding your body back to better alignment, helping it to strengthen and open.

Therapeutic yoga can help pain in, or injury to, the neck, wrists, shoulders, back, or knees as well as many other health concerns such as digestive disorders, stress, arthritis, insomnia, headaches, etc.


Length of Private Classes

75 minute sessions. (This can be increased/reduced if desired)

Location / Equipment

The sessions are held in the privacy and tranquillity of my Home Studio, giving you the opportunity to retreat from your busy schedule for a short while. An oasis of calm in your day. Alternatively, I can come to your own home, if that works better for you.