Open up to a Deeper Place

Deep OceanWe each have a deeper current within us.

We referred to a cool and fascinating video animation in class this week, as we explored the theme, ‘Open up to a deeper place’ during a slow, deep hip opening practice. Deep!


What’s on your mind right now? Is your head spinning with work, plans, ideas, worries, chores, or nonsense? Whatever’s there, is it alignment with that deeper place within you? You might call it your heart, your intuitive self. Your inner current.

Maybe many of our struggles in life are an expression of swimming against our inner current. Doing things that are felt as the daily struggles we often face. Our struggle is usually one of effort to achieve, the push to do more, to be better in some way. What if we don’t fight to succeed? Can you open to a deeper place and surrender to what you are? What becomes available when you release into your own current?

In ‘Open up to a deeper place’ we contemplated the possibility of finding somewhere deeper within ourselves, both physically and experientially: to release the urge to push or strive and soften into a deeper place of connection; one that naturally opens up when our intention is grounded in gentleness for ourselves.

This is practice of relinquishing the notion of getting to the ‘deepest’ place and simply feel and explore how deep your dive needs to be today. If our actions and our deepest felt sense of what is right for ourselves are in alignment, life often flows more easefully. Life isn’t a battle. Remove your armour. If you keep wearing it you won’t dive deeper but sink. Soften a little and listen. Feel for that part of you that aligns with the Truth of who you are: an ocean of calm, deep intuitive wisdom, not the surface waves of incessant activity.

What are heavy? Sea-sand and sorrow.
What are brief? Today and tomorrow.
What are frail? Spring blossom and youth.
What are deep? The Ocean and Truth.
Christina Rossetti


We will continue to explore the deeper heart of our being throughout February. Come to a class! Dive in and release into your deeper currents. Find your yoga class and find some calmer waters, here: