Reach for the Light in 2015

PerihelionHappy New Year!

Yesterday was perihelion. The point in Earth’s orbit when we are at the closest to our Star. In the midst of winter we are 3 million miles closer to the sun. The past few days have been cold, misty and foggy, the sky laden with a thick shroud, masking the sun entirely.

Over a thousand years ago, Tantric yogis were explorers of Consciousness. Tantric texts describe a state of consciousness available to us that gives light to all our experiences. It is intimately close and an intrinsic part of who we are and yet, like the shrouded sun at perihelion, we don’t see it and we don’t realize its presence. The Tantric practices were an invitation to experience that which lights up our lives and is present in the here and now: Supreme Consciousness; the sacred ground of all reality.

As we continue our flight around the sun this year there will be new offerings on the horizon. Watch this space for details about Tantric Meditation Workshops and Classes. These will be intimately linked to ‘Wisdom Gatherings’ providing an opportunity for us to explore and contemplate the major ancient Tantras; some of the most profound spiritual texts of humankind. Contact me for more information.

These texts and the View of Reality they present will deepen your yoga practice, give purpose to your meditation, and heighten your appreciation of the exquisite Nature of our existence. In short, a celebration of Yourself!

I wish you a spine-tingling immersion into the fullness and adventures of life in 2015.